Religious Freebies

Get These Religious Freebies Now!

Many of us have strong beliefs when it comes to faith.  You may have landed on this page because you would like to to strengthen your ties with God.  No matter what your religious beliefs we may have religious freebies for you.  Check out our list of current free offers being given away by places of worship and other organizations.

Free Faith Samples – If you are a Christian and in search of religious freebies check out TheFreeBlock.

One Heartbeat Away – If you are sincerely seeking and searching for the truth about life, wouldn’t a book that would answer your questions and address any objections be of interest? One Heartbeat Away is exactly that.

Dayspring International – Enter to receive a free book – The Dawning as well a an option to have a free DVD and magazine subscription. The book tells a story about one man who touched the lives of so many! It is a very nice freebie given today is Sunday.

Quran – Persons in the USA who are new or not Muslims feel free to order this Quran.

Prayer Bookmark – The Hunger Solution is proud to offer our Free Prayer Bookmark entitled “Rules To Live By!” It is our way of giving you a free gift that leads to a happy and inspirational home. Please fill out the following form and we will mail you your Free Prayer Bookmark and begin sending you our Family Devotionals. Walk with us in God’s Word.

Grace to You – Receive multiple Christian freebies from Grace to You.

7 Fruits of Israel – Through this special devotional booklet, I am honored to explore the richness of the Holy Land, the seven fruits, and share with you special teachings to inspire your soul. It is my prayer that through these pages, you see the blessing and provision of God to His people and to you!

No Longer a Slumdog Book – Real children share their real stories of crisis and how our loving God intervened to rescue them. religious freebies

Inactive Free Religious Stuff

Get the book, Free Himself. This booklet ‘Himself’, written by A.B. Simpson more than one hundred years ago, is profoundly relevant today.

Get large print Bibles and materials, you choose which ones you’d like. Choices include but are not limited to complete Bible (NIV) – 37 volume set, complete Old Testament (NIV) – 27 volume set, complete New Testament (NIV) – 10 volume set, and Bible studies. This same site recently also offered Braille Bibles.

Sign up for a free copy of the Catholic book, Give Us This Day.