Free Maps and Travel Guides by Mail

This listing is for the travelers out there.  Many times when traveling these free maps and travel guides by mail will not only give you ideas of what to do, but they may also help you find where you are going.  Many times when you order these materials you will also be mailed coupons off hotel stays and attractions.  No matter where you go, please enjoy your destination!

Maps / Guides ( – Get dozens of free maps and travel guides by mail at These include maps for the United States and beyond.

Travel Guide’s – Get tons of travel guides for locations all over the United States and parts of Canada. If you are thinking about doing some traveling in a couple months take advantage of these travel guides!

Earthwatch Expedition Guide – Our annual Earthwatch Expedition Guide is a concise resource detailing all of our expeditions. Let the Earthwatch Expedition Guide inspire you to join our movement, and get hands on with conservation.

Ontario Travel Guide – Choose from a number of helpful and informative free publications that showcase Ontario’s unique and diverse range of travel experiences. Select the publication you would like to view, download or receive by mail.

Alaska Vacation Planner – This Great Land is full of wonders. But it would take a lifetime to explore them all! So let us help you get started, with page after page of FREE official Alaska travel information — chosen just for you! Don’t wait another year — or even another minute. Take a first step toward Alaska right now!

Adirondack Fishing Map – Get a free Adirondack guide & map by mail. Find find the best fish and where to catch them. Get 21 maps with tips on every catchable species. Learn the secrets of Adirondack trophy fishermen.

Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland – Get a free America’s Dairyland map and more. With the help of “A Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland” map, you can hit the road in search of everything cheesy.  free maps and travel guides by mail

Inactive Free Maps and Travel Guides by Mail

I just saw this one advertised on the television. You can sign up for a free 2014 North Dakota travel guide by mail when you complete their short form. Summertime is the time most travelers would normally visit North Dakota. The state boasts nice scenery, open land, and unique cultures.

Breathtaking photos and details on expeditions—get brochures online or by mail for free.

Plan a trip to beautiful Minnesota and shop with the help of this free Mall of America guide. It is such a big mall with so much to do so a guide might be appropriate.