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For some of us reading never gets old and finding quality or interesting material to read is an on-going search.  Items listed on our free magazines and catalogs page will be very diverse, you may also want to see the listings on the religious freebies page to look for reading material.  Among the material you will periodically find here are hunting magazines, gardening magazines, celebrity magazines, various catalogs and much much more.

Free Reading Stuff – Find many free magazines and catalogs at The Free Block.

Lego Club Magazine – Sign up for a free Lego Magazine subscription and see what Lego has available and the latest Lego news. Please allow 6-14 weeks for this to be delivered.

Where to Retire Magazine – Complete the short form below and click Submit to request your free sample issue. You’ll receive the next issue of the magazine and find out why more than 400,000 readers feel Where to Retire is an indispensable guide to making the most of retirement!

Life Extension Magazine – Register now for your FREE, no-obligation, one-month trial issue of the Life Extension magazine. You are under no obligation, but hurry, this is a limited time offer.

Flight Training Catalog – Sign up now for a free Student Trial Membership. Receive a free catalog by mail and 6 free issues of Flight Training magazine plus free online tools.

Welding Comic Book – Sign up and receive tons of cool free careers and welding materials. This includes a free welding comic book and more.  free magazines and catalogs

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Sign up to get the latest issue of Glam Belleza Latina while supplies last. Plus, they’ll keep you
updated with the latest Glam Belleza Latina news and information.

Sign up for a Golf Digest subscription. These magazines include great golfing advice, products, savings and more. If you haven’t gone golfing for a while maybe this magazine will be the motivation you need to get you out on the course.

Receive a free issue of Brooklyn Magazine, also, if you wish to receive/continue receiving a complimentary subscription to Brooklyn just check the appropriate box when you fill out their form.